Viviane Stucki

Viviane Stucki, Art Director, Photographer, Freelance Artist, Member of Collective Gallery, Multimedia Communication & Publishing, Trends & Identity, Visual Products


Art Director | Photographer | Freelance Artist | Member of Collective Gallery | Multimedia Communication & Publishing | Trends & Identity | Visual Products


“What I find important are not only colours, shapes and contrasts, but also the localisation of the visual content, the contextualisation, interpretation and possible combination with other design elements.”


Viviane just wants to make beautiful things for society. The freelance art director and photographer loves the mixture of practical tasks and the research and discussion surrounding an authentic brand DNA. What fascinates her about semiotics is how much information is communicated at the meta level. And that it has a strong influence on our society and helps her, as a designer, use elements in a targeted manner. Furthermore, her knowledge and experience as a freelance artist give her a wider perspective on semiotics. If in her work, Viviane manages to overcome barriers between different cultures and bring together various disciplines, such as art, design and business, she is happy. Just like on her weekend road trips.


What can applied semiotics do?

“Using images, symbols and other visual elements, it’s possible to communicate messages that can be understood independent of the language: pictograms, for example, are generally simple and easy to understand and can therefore be interpreted by people from various cultures and language groups.”