Elinor Lifshitz, MBA

Elinor Lifshitz, Design Anthropology, Cultural Strategy for Marketing & Innovation, Consumer Research, Design Aesthetics, Asian markets expertise


Design Anthropology | Cultural Strategy for Marketing & Innovation | Consumer Research | Design Aesthetics | Asian markets expertise


“Applied semiotics allows me to translate conceptual marketing insights into a tangible innovation & design road map.”


Elinor is fascinated with unusual people, places and experiences. Born in Israel, she spent a decade living & working in China and has been based in Switzerland since 2015. She also uses a multifaceted perspective stemming from a background in anthropology, business and the arts to optimize the design of products, spaces and experiences in her work as a marketing consultant. She works primarily for global brands such as Disney, L'Oréal, Nissan and Starbucks. Elinor participates in conferences and writes academically and commercially about consumer culture theory.


What can applied semiotics do?

“When it comes to marketing related questions, applied semiotics is a kind of ‘secret weapon’. I love that it bridges what people feel, and the way that feeling is encapsulated and delivered via shape and form. When done well, It’s pure magic.”