Swiss Perspective

Semiotics: Do you think that typical “Swissness” is always highly regarded? We know that, in England, it isn’t. Get cultural insights.

Insight: The taste of Switzerland

How we explained the “Swissness” of a well-known Swiss herb candy to a London-based agency.


A London-based agency asked us to explain the “Swissness” of a well-known Swiss herb candy. Together with our British network partner, we conducted a cultural, historical and semiological analysis of everything from the imagery and packaging to the origins of the company with the aim of identifying the qualities that could be described as typically Swiss. Working on the basis of the brand essence, we developed recommendations that connected the brand communication even more strongly with the central values of the herb candy. The analysis made it clear to the customer where the product’s traditional roots lie and how it can nevertheless expand its presence in the international market.