Perspectives + INSIGHTS

We encounter signs and symbols everywhere we go. Our interpretation and observation of these signs is usually unconscious. We may not realise how challenging it can be to understand new signs and symbols with unfamiliar codes until we travel to other countries with different cultures.


However, when it comes to intercultural communication, this understanding can be decisive for the acceptance and success of a campaign, product launch or brand. We help companies, organisations, agencies and brand experts deal with these issues.


Understanding Culture through Semiotics


Culture cannot be evaluated from a neutral perspective. Using applied semiotics, we examine cultural processes as communication processes, because cultures provide guidelines, rules, frameworks and open spaces that we can play an active role in shaping.



Offering insights into Swiss culture, with the help of a team of Swiss and German experts. More ...



Offering insights into other cultures, with the support of a worldwide network of experts. More ...



Offering insights into the signs and symbols of social and cultural change and their active shaping. More ...



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