Guy Jost, Photographer

Guy Jost, Photographer, Lecturer, Director of Studies, Advertising Messages, Landscape Photography, Book Projects, Scenography


Photographer | Lecturer | Director of Studies | Advertising Messages | Landscape Photography | Book Projects | Scenography


“Dealing with signs and symbols and their impacts and interpretation is an integral part of my work as a photographer. Every element of an image has an impact, a message.”


Guy says that changing perspectives is enormously important for his work, because it allows him to constantly re-examine his point of view. This in turn enables him, in cooperation with his customers, to achieve the desired message (information) with a single image. In the advertising industry, he has implemented international campaigns for well-known companies, such as Chanel, Eurocard and Isostar. The freelance photographer not only runs his own atelier in Bern but also shares his knowledge both as a lecturer at the Bern University of the Arts (HKB) and as Director of Studies of the Höhere Fachschule Fotografie at the School of Design Bern and Biel (SfG Bern/Biel). Landscape photography is a central theme of his artistic work. Whenever these projects take him to Scotland, he indulges his love for harsh weather and warming whiskey.


What can applied semiotics do?

“Never before have humans communicated with images as much as we do today. Everyone can create photos and share them on all kinds of social channels, usually without knowing what these messages are triggering or communicating. In today’s world, a professional approach to dealing with images and their impact is more helpful than ever.”