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As the Swiss expert network for applied semiotics, we bring together the perspectives of various fields, including anthropology, photography, cultural studies, art history, market research, psychology and visual design.


Swiss Expertise - Global Network


Our Swiss perspective is applied in cooperation with global and multidisciplinary teams and networks. Together, we examine social changes and cultural characteristics from all perspectives.


We invite you to get to know our team of cultural and design analysts, sign interpreters and perspective changers.


Peter Glassen, Brand Consultant + Semiotician

Peter Glassen

Brand Consultant + Semiotician

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Elinor Lifshitz, Design Anthropologist + Cultural Strategist

Elinor Lifshitz

Design Anthropologist + Cultural Strategist

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Mandy Gnägi, Organisational Consultant + Coach

Mandy Gnägi

Organisational Consultant + Coach

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Guy Jost, Photographer + Lecturer

Guy Jost

Photographer + Lecturer

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Réka Farkas, Customer Centricity Expert + Psychologist

Réka Farkas

Customer Centricity Expert + Psychologist

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Viviane Stucki,  Art Director + Photographer

Viviane Stucki

Art Director + Photographer

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Worldwide Network of Semiotics Switzerland
Worldwide Network

We cooperate with experienced semioticians from over 30 countries.

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