Réka Farkas

Réka Farkas, Customer Centricity Expert, MSc in Psychology, Market Research, Qualitative Research Methods, Study of Decision-Making Processes


Customer Centricity Expert | MSc in Psychology | Market Research | Qualitative Research Methods | Study of Decision-Making Processes


“I love looking behind the scenes: by peeling back the layers of what customers/consumers say, we can begin to recognise the patterns of meaning.”


Réka has been interested in the human processes of perception, judgement formation and decision-making for many years now. As a customer centricity expert she looks at the chains of experience that customers have with a product or a brand. In this context she is constantly amazed by the ways in which people are both different and alike. As a guest lecturer she teaches the psychological foundations of consumer behaviour, market research and customer experience, sharing her knowledge and experience with students at various universities of applied sciences. Réka has an appreciation for changes: not only the changes of perspectives in her work, but also the changes of rhythm when dancing the tango.


What can applied semiotics do?

“Applied semiotics can help us better understand what customers and consumers think about products, services, advertising, brands, packaging etc., what symbolism they attach to them and in what way they symbolically ‘idealise’ them.”