Dr Mandy Gnägi

Mandy Gnägi, Systemic Organisational Consultant, Coach, Art History and Media Studies, History of Photography, Psychology, Education


Systemic Organisational Consultant | Coach | Art History and Media Studies | History of Photography | Psychology | Education


“I listen very closely, follow the undertones and ask the other person about the image created in the dialogue.”


Mandy describes herself as an observer and questioner. She carefully opens up spaces for wishes, expectations and existing qualities and takes her customers on excursions through these spaces, as if strolling through a large painting. She always invites people to observe both the details and the entire image, along with the associated context. She applies her multifaceted expertise masterfully and with a patchwork approach. This makes her the ideal sparring partner for complex processes. As an organisational consultant and coach, she works for her own company and is a lecturer at various universities.


What can applied semiotics do?

“For me, applied semiotics mean looking at the world through a different pair of glasses. This makes it possible to rediscover the seemingly familiar: I recognise complexities that are of great importance and impact. I see challenges and stumbling blocks, as well as potential and opportunities. And then something amazing is created in the seemingly simple.”