Applied + Passionate

The term semiotics is derived from the Greek σημεῖον (sēmeĩon), meaning “sign”. Semiotics helps us decipher signs and better understand the cultural influence on people and markets. Images, colours, shapes, language, gestures, sounds, smells – everything can be a sign that tells us something about the people and the culture from which it originated.


Applied Semiotics Identifies Solutions.


In these times of great social change, the ability to correctly understand traditional and newly evolving codes and patterns of 21st-century society is extremely important. We understand the (un)conscious reactions of consumers in an ever-changing cultural context. Working in cooperation with our customers, we develop insights, strategies and concepts in the following areas:

Semiotic expert analysis of the deeper meanings of signs, symbols, stories and behaviours in cultures and of the resulting processes of human perception, judgement formation and decision-making.

Semiotic expert analysis of imagery, materials, layouts, packaging, products, services, advertising, social media and websites with recommended actions for ensuring effective implementation in other cultures.

Semiotic expert analysis of brand identities, strategic development and long-term positioning in foreign cultures (incl. the examination of the meaning and pronunciation of trademarks and brand names).